Water Proof Plywoods

Waterproof Plywood Suppliers in Bangalore

Bhavani timbers agencies are Waterproof Plywood Suppliers, Dealers in Bangalore dealing with the supply of excellent quality plywood. Plywood is the popular construction material that is used in both commercial and residential application. It comes in various formats and can be used both inside and outside of a house.

We are affianced in trading and supplying a wide variety of waterproof plywood. As top Waterproof Plywood Suppliers, Dealers in Kanakapura, our plywood collection is extensively used across all major construction industries. We provide plywood wood of different dimension and finishes according to the application.

Our waterproof plywood is a moisture resistant building material that is great for outdoor use. Due to its resistance to environmental changes like rain, snow, humidity, it is used to design outdoor structures. It can also be used for subfloors which come underneath the actual floor so that it keeps moisture out of the floor.

At Bhavani timber agencies, you get plywood’s that of grades A, B, C and D. Grades like AB, AC, AD, ABX, ACX, ADX, etc. are also available. When it is AB ore AC grade, it means that two panes are glued together with each side having different quality of plywood. Lower grade plywood’s are cost effective but they are less durable and of less quality when compared to the higher grade ones.

However, when two or more grades are combined together, there is an increase in the efficiency of the final product. Each grade is used for various purposes and has different properties as well.

Plywood grades don’t correlate to the exact species of plywood. We offer a wide range of plywood with different price tags that suit different applications. All of our waterproof plywood is of good quality and cost-effective. Depending on the purpose intended, you may require plywood in suitable sizes and shapes.

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