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Timber Merchants in Bangalore


Bhavani Timber Agencies are the independent Timber Merchant and Timber Dealers supplying high quality of softwood and hardwood to the retail customer throughout the Bangalore. We have huge stocks of quality timber that are selected to customers specifications by experts. With over 27 years, we have experience in the timber industry, we supply the best quality of timber products at a fairer price. Whether our customer requires timber products for working outdoors and indoors on decking and flooring etc.we have everything that you need.

Timber Merchant and Timber Dealers can supply softwood and hardwood logs in many forms. Some Timber Dealers will specialize in particular grades of timber. We are also specialist in plywood and laminated sheets. We offer a range of high-quality timber supplies for office and commercial projects as well as domestic work too. At Bhavani Timber Agencies, we are a leading Timber Dealers service for our clients almost anywhere in Bangalore. Bhavani Timber Agencies specialize in softwood timber, hardwood timbers, moldings and joinery along with this structure based timber for construction purposes. We will be able to supply if it is timber based products.

We offer timber for Doors, Windows, Decking, Fencing as well as a full range of building quality material for internal and external use.We are leading Timber merchant and Timber Dealers in Bangalore, supply unique and highest quality of timbers in our timber storehouse. We are also able to offer different kinds of plywood at most affordable prices. Bhavani Timber Agencies the best Timber merchant and Timber Dealers in Bangalore offer the service in many products including African Teakwood, Malaysian Salwood, Beachwood, Teakwood, Waterproof Plywood, Commercial Plywood etc.