Plywoods and Laminaters

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Plywood and laminates are 2 different types of commonly preferred alternative to traditional wood. While plywood is made from sheets of wood or veneer, laminates are made from wood particles or high-density fiber. Wood veneers are pasted together parallelly to create laminated wood as opposed to the right-angled alignment in plywood.

Laminates are fairly new in the market and are a multi-layer synthetic product that has been steadily replacing traditional wood especially in flooring. This is mainly due to the fact that laminates imitate the appearance of real wood at a less price. In addition to affordable price, it is also durable, easy to clean and scratch resistant when compared to traditional wood. It is easy to maintain and is suitable to be used in homes with pets and kids.

Plywood is an engineered wood popularly used as building material for its useful properties. It has high structural strength in addition to the properties inherited from the laminated designs. Plywood is resistant to splitting and highly flexible when treated with preservatives, it lasts long without corroding. Plywood also has high tensile strength obtained from the cross lamination of panels. This distributes force over a large surface area thereby reducing tensile stress. For the same reason, it can withstand overloading up to 2 times of its designated load.

Applications of laminates

  • Used for residential countertops and cabinets
  • Applications in office workspaces, public restrooms, department store wall panels.
  • Widely used in malls, corporate offices, healthcare settings, and educational institution.
  • Used for cubicles, reception desk, elevator control panel, furniture interior doors, and retail fixtures.

Plywood and laminates give cozy and intimate interiors you always fancy. They enhance the aesthetics of a space at an affordable price than traditional wood. Both laminates and plywood are widely used in commercial applications like workstations for their ease of use.

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