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Malaysian Sal Wood Suppliers In Bangalore

The Sal wood comes from the sal tree. The sal tree is straight and cylindrical and reaches good length. Sal comes from Malaysia and other countries and is a little less expensive compared to teak wood.

Sal Wood is known for being precious wood for the production of furniture and other parts. Its durability and beauty make it the most demanded wood species for commercial production. Sal wood is light colored when freshly cut, but becomes dark brown with exposure. Malaysian Sal wood is best suited for wood products.

The Indian Sal wood is belonging to India and it extends from Bengal, Assam, Odisha, and Jharkhand.

This wood is one of the most important sources of hardwood lumber in India. The wood is resinous and durable and is explored for construction. The wood of sal is quite hard, easy to work and durable. For this, it is mainly used to produce furniture of the best quality. The wood is also suitable for the construction of frames for doors and windows.


25% heavier and 50% harder and more strong than teak wood.

Resistant to termites, white ants, and fungi for a long period.

Sal wood is a durable and water resistant wood.

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