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Teak ( scientific name is Tectona Grandis ) is a hardwood species tree which has high water resistance capability and generally finds its usage in the types of furniture and shipbuilding. It has been widely cultivated in the areas of South and Southeast Asia. The places with altitude below 900 meters are the most favorable conditions for the Teak tree’s cultivation. As the Myanmar()Burma)’s teak forestry accounts for nearly half of the world’s total naturally growing teak, sometimes teak can be called as the “Burmese Teak”. The durability of Burmese teak is the salient feature which makes it as the most demanding choice for the wood related needs across the globe.

Burmese teak has its very first roots in South and Southeast Asia. The nations like Bhaarat, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka are having the major proportions of Burmese teak’s cultivation across the planet. The factors of high tensile strength and rich oil content and tight grain made Burmese teak as the first option for the wood related needs of flooring, cutting boards, boat decks, furniture, indoor furnishings. This unique teak also finds its usage in the requirements of domestic needs like window frames, beams of ancient residences, etc. It is highly resistant to the situations like termite attacks and losses happen due to insects.

The Burmese teak has its extensive usage in the field of Boatbuilding. This teak breed has a set of rare qualities like superior structural timber for both the planking, framing. The boats built with this kind of teak should be washed only with the salt water. The modern cleaning compounds like harsh chemicals, preservatives, oils will definitely reduce the life of the teak.

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The ministry of environmental conservations and forestry (Myanmar) officially announced on 28th August 2017 that two of the biggest teak trees in the world were found in their nation. The first one is named as Homemalynn 1 which is 27.5 feet (8.4m) in girth and 110 feet (35m) tall. And the second biggest teak tree named as Homemalynn 2, is 27 feet (8.2m) in girth.

Burmese teak is widely regarded as the king of woods. It can give the aesthetic and royal appeal to your furniture and it is very much easy to handle. Its features like elasticity give the scope to create a wide range of products. So, we can wind up by concluding that the teak which is harvested in Burma(Myanmar) is the ultimate choice to fulfill your wood related needs.