Commercial Plywoods

Commercial Plywood Suppliers In Bangalore

Bhavani timbers is a prominent plywood supplier in Bangalore engaged in manufacturing and supplying of best quality commercial plywood. Our products are manufactured using the premium quality raw material to bring in features like durability, strength, and sturdiness. We offer plywood in various shapes, sizes and finishes to cater to the varying needs of our reputed customers at competitive prices.

Plywood is a top alternative to the solid wood and is a primary choice for homeowners and builders. Covered with solid wood, plywood looks just as great as real wood, especially with the use of a quality veneer. Bhavani timbers plywood range is used in high-end fine furniture, cabinetry, and exquisite interiors.

Main features

  • Sturdy build
  • Weather resistant
  • Robust and stable
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Chemical resistance

Different Types of Plywood

Commercial MR grade Interior Plywood

Commercial MR grade plywood is great for indoor use and it is commonly used to make furniture for both home and office. MR stands for moisture resistance and the plywood displays moisture resistance properties which makes it an ideal choice for interior furniture.

Structural Plywood

As the name suggests, structural plywood use for permanent structural applications as it is capable of withstanding weather conditions. It is used for subfloors, internal structures, beams, shipping creates, roof bracing etc.

Waterproof BWR and BWP grade exterior plywood

BWR and BWP plywood are exterior grade plywood used for exterior applications. Exterior plywood is water resistant but it is still recommended to finish the surface with pain to make it more durable against weather elements.

Marine plywood

Compared to commercial plywood, marine grade plywood is a super quality plywood ideal for indoor applications like making furniture. It is also used in applications where the plywood is bound to have a prolonged exposure to water.

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