African Teak

African-Teak Wood Suppliers in Bangalore

African Teak is a large deciduous tree species which grow up to 160 ft. Though it was not as economically significant as timber earlier, it is popularly being used for construction purposes these days. Backed with experience and knowledge in the industry, Bhavani timber agency emerges to the position of leading African-Teak suppliers, Dealers in Bangalore.

We supply products that are highly appreciated for its overall quality, durability, and finishing. Affordable price, matchless strength, versatility and long life are the top attributes owing to the fact our African teak wood is in high demand among customers. The African teak is a type of teak wood that is similar in appearance to other varieties of teak. It has a brown, yellow-brown or green bark along with straight grain.

African teak is commonly used in making decorative veneers, flooring, and boat building. Though it is of Afrotropic origin, it is mainly imported from Italy. The African teakwood we provide is stored in our modern warehouses to maintain the quality of the wood. We offer various sizes and quantities of wood in bulk as well. Our wood is properly air dried to retain the color and moisture to the optimum level required.

Bhavani timbers agencies are the best African-Teak suppliers, Dealers in Bangalore, supplying woods of supreme quality. Our product is used for creating beautiful interior design elements like furniture, cupboards, etc. The African teak wood has a different application that ranges from furniture creation to boat decks.

We are focused on bringing forward an exceptional range of products that have passed a strict quality test from the beginning stages of manufacturing. Our team of experts inspects every raw material thoroughly with high accuracy.
While serving customers, we take consideration in following the latest standard and supply quality teak wood at a user-friendly price tag. The fast and modern transit facility we provide also enables us to deliver customer order within the given time frame.

The sales team we have are well trained in all the related information and educates customers about the different types of African teak wood, and it benefits. We have dedicated sales and after sales team that works together to provide unbiased service as per customer requirement.

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