About us

About Us

Founded in 1990, Bhavani timbers are a leading Timber Suppliers and Plywood Suppliers in Bangalore. In the beginning, the company started their operations in sawing contracting and over the years, it extended the business by procuring timber from various cities like Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and more. Since then the growth of the company was enormous, and now we are dealing with domestic timber supply from all over the country.

Our experience of over 27 years in the field of timber and plywood supply enables us to maintain the quality of the product when analyzing different species of wood. We maintain a high level of ethics and excellent customer services, and it contributes to the fast-paced growth of our business over a short time span. Skill, quality, honest service, turn-around time, customer service are some of the factors that make us the top choice for our customers. Overall, we believe in providing a heartwarming experience to all those who choose to do business with us.

Bhavani timbers specialize in Burma Teak which is called the king of woods. We deal with the wholesale and retail supply of Burma teak, available in various sizes suitable for furniture, flooring and more.

Our brand name has become synonymous with Burma Teak in southern states as we prominently serve across the states. We also deal with plywood supply, wooden floorings, kitchen associates, and laminates. Having obtained the Open General License (OGL) from the government, we are authorized to import timber from the international trade market. We have been importing high-grade timbers from countries such as Australia, Burma, Malaysia, Nigeria and various African and European countries.

As prominent Plywood Suppliers in Bangalore, we work towards meeting the precise requirement of the customer instead of increasing the business. At Bhavani timbers, we understand that every customer has the right to information and invests time in explaining the specialties of the wood we supply.

The motto of our business is to deliver high-quality timber related services to at competitive pricing.


With over 27 years’ experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project. We have Timber Office and infrastructure for wood processing, that can guarantee 100% in-house production, which is an important factor when considering the overall environmental impact of any infrastructure project.


  • To offer sustainable solutions in timber.
  • To render the optimal level of client satisfaction by providing quality timber products and by forging strong relationships with our stakeholders.
  • To be the market leader in the industrial and structural timber and supplies, provide customized client needs.


    • Bring in new product portfolio and serve to align consumer needs. Increase Customer Base and retention of existing Customer.
    • Our actions are oriented to the interests of our customers. Customer satisfaction and dealing with our customers in a friendly manner are very important to us.
    • To build a proud, self-sufficient and expanding industry this delivers sustainable timber and timber products to the society client public.
    • To educate the society about conservation of forests resources and use these natural resources wisely.